The Tourlock VIP Simple turnstile is an security equipment to control people access. The control is performed at the entrance, exit or both, using identification systems as magnetics card readers, bar code, RFID or biometric systems. (Identification system not supplied with the equipment).

This equipment main feature is its exclusive design, developed for high standard places of with a high architectonic appeal. This equipment finishing can be made with stainless steel or epoxy paint with various color options.

Due its bidirectional characteristics and system versatility, the equipment provides a excelent flow users performance. The turnstile Tourlock VIP Simple is an self-operating security equipment that doesn't requires an human supervisor.



Technical Features


  • Stainless steel or epoxy paint with several options of finishing;
  • Anti return barrier built in tempered glass;
  • Robust structure made with high quality materials;
  • Developed by highly qualified engineers;
  • Entry and exit bicolor luminous sign (green to indicate “access allowed” and red to indicate “unauthorizied access”);

Mechanism and Locking

  • Robust double mechanism with locking system in both directions;
  • Preset position system: the carousel returns to the start position automatically after stop;

Electronic Signals

  • Power supply output 12 Vdc and input signal for the identification systems;
  • Auto-reset: Automatic reset in case of passage entry waive (after identifying himself, the maximum waiting time to entrance can be programmed);
  • Dry contact NO to turn at the clockwise direction;
  • Dry contact NO for entry canelation;
  • Manual jumper configuration for: controlled entrance / free exit, free Entrance / Exit controlled, both controlled and both blocked;

Technical Features

  • 12Vdc operating voltage with 200mA consumption when in operation and 1.5A with the equipment locked;
  • 4 hours UPS system (with flow);
  • Weight – approximately 450 Kg;
  • Flow of 15 person per minute (approximately);
  • On / Off switch (turned off to access without controll). Red LED indicates equipment in operation;