Sciessere Jewelery

Passo Fundo - RS

Founded in 1949, Sciessere is now one of the most traditional jewelry and optics in Passo Fundo. It has two branches, one in a central location in front of the Marechal Floriano square and another located at Bella Cità Shopping Mall.

The Sciessere jewelry project was totally customized and was designed in order to increase the security without prejudicing the architecture of the place. It was implemented an automatic interlocking door equipped with two high quality sliding doors and a metal detector with eight detection zones IECO GD8. The automatic interlocking door is a preventive alternative to avoid robbery without modifying the architectural project.

Equipment’s operation: The external sensor identifies the costumer and opens the first door. When the costumer is inside of the interlocking door, it is identified through the metal detector the presence or absence of metals. If the alarm is activated showing the presence of metallic masses beyond of what is allowed, the second door remains closed until the person remove all your metal objects and put them in the metallic objects box or can also be unlocked by remote control. Then, the first door closes and the second opens and the costumer have access to the establishment. If the client has no metallic objects in higher quantity of what is allowed, the client has direct access to the place.

Main advantages:

- Offers the same protection as a revolving door with metal detector, but without the negative psychological effect caused by hinder access. Makes the entrance to the establishment more agreeable for costumers;

- Climatic comfort and reduction of the costs with air conditioner, because the establishment will never be totally open, so there is no heat exchange between outside and inside;

- Significant reduction of noise that comes from outside;

- Can be customized with different painting and several kinds of finishing according to the customer preference, turning a security equipment into a object which brings luxury and refinement to the establishment;

Interlocking door with automatic metal detector